HusH NYC is a New York-based UNISEX clothing LINE inspired by THE artS. THE BRAND WORKS TO BECOME A DIRECT LINK BETWEEN THE VISUAL ARTS AND FASHION. All pieces include original artwork by artist and owner Raven Barrett(@raven.cb). The reoccurring 'X', COMMONLY FOUND OVER THE MOUTH in RAVEN'S WORK is a symbol of non-verbal expression or communication. 


If you've ever felt silenced, sick of small-talk, or just at a loss for words, then you understand the meaning of Hush. Art generally speaks to us not verbally, but visually. Pay attention to what gets communicated through other forms such as body language, facial expression, movement, and so on.  

Most of the artwork shown relies on expression made without the mouth. I encourage you all to look at what else is presented that says more than the mouth ever could. Action speaks louder than words. Enjoy.

Hush NYC

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